So I’m Callum, currently studying for my Privates Pilots Licence. A lot is covered in the about me page of this site, explaining my passion and basic background, although im going to expand a little more here on the more recent areas.

So all through school and college I always had in my mind I wanted to be a pilot, no matter how much effort it took. I knew this would be cheap and would cost a lot initially but the rewards would outweigh this. I was always looking in to the career paths and training paths available for college graduates, I decided university would not be an option for me as I noticed across many job sites and company sites that a higher degree wasn’t a requirement for hire. I decided to go straight in to work and got a little part-time job while I was at college, and I managed to get additional hours, which meant I was able to save during this time. After college I went full-time as a manager this meant I could save a lot more. I was in retail for nearly 5 years during this time I acquired a lot of skills and experience.

Shortly after I left college Virgin Atlantic released their MPL Scheme with CTC Aviation (Now L3 Airline Academy) which I applied for, but as this was the first year they ran this, they had an overwhelming response and sadly didn’t get through to the selection phase.

InĀ 2016 I took the leap and joined easyJet as Cabin Crew at London Gatwick, this has been not without its challenges, physically and mentally, but the experiences and rewards massively outweigh the challenges. Not a day goes by that is the same, flying to new destinations, flying with different crew each day, not to mention seeing a whole load of new passengers on every flight! Having this job puts everything in to a different perspective, you realise just how demanding the hours can be, the fatigue and pressures put on the body working in a pressurized tube all day. Having worked in this environment as cabin crew, I know I will be fully capable of being a commercial pilot, I know I can also commit financially to my future career.

In 2017 I felt it appropriate for me to apply to CTC (Now L3 Aviation Academy) to do the easyJet MPL, this time I passed the selection process online, I booked and paid for my assessment day, which is done in two days now, I went down and did the maths test and pilapt tests and that was the day over, next came the nervous wait for the email with the results. The next day I received the email, however was not the response I was hoping for, I passed the maths test, but on the aptitude tests missed the mark by one or two points – gutting as the money used for the assessment day could have been used to pay for a lesson, but without me going through that process, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today.

For Christmas 2016 I was fortunate enough to get a trial flying lesson, this was a BuyAGift Voucher, it was meant to be down in Lydd Aerodrome, however due to the closure of the flying school, I had to swap it out for a different experience at a different aerodrome, this worked in my favour and found one down in Shoreham, it was a longer flight and was able to fly over my local area. More in the next blog post about my trial lesson.

After this trial lesson I began to think about which route i would prefer to go down, whether to do it at a local flying school or go to a big FTO such as CTC and do an integrated course.

I decided that going down the local flying school route would suit me the best, I just had to decide which school. I finally settled on Sussex Flying Club, this looked like the best school down at Shoreham Aerodrome. More about how I chose the school on this page.

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