During the meeting I mentioned in the previous post, I asked the question “What can I do now and when can I start?” The response “You can book your first lesson whenever, and we recommend purchasing the Pooleys’ Air Pilots Manuals.” The books form the basis for all the flight training, they cover everything from Air Law to Communication, the great thing is they are written in such a great way and very easy to learn from.

The Pooleys’ Air Pilot Manuals

The first book Volume 1 ‘Flying Training’ covers all of the flight manoeuvres from straight and level flight, as well as all the pre-flight briefings and the all important Skills Test.

Volume 2 ‘Air Law & Meteorology’ covers all of the legality’s that a PPL holder needs to know to fly safe and legally, this book also includes the meteorological studies required.

Volume 3 ‘Navigation’ covers the Basic Navigation Theory, Flight Planning, Enroute Navigation as well as Radio Navigation for a PPL holder.

Volume 4 ‘Aircraft Technical’ covers the Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of Flight, Airworthiness as well as Flight Planning and Performance.

Volume 5 ‘Radio Navigation & Instrument Flying’ – this book isnt required for the PPL (A) licence however is required if you wish to go for an IMC rating or Night Rating.

Volume 6 ‘ Human Performance & Limitations and Operational Procedures’ covers all the Human Factors and Pilot Performance, Decision Making as well as your Body, Mind and Senses.

Volume 7 ‘Communication’ covers all Radiotelephony Communications, Language and Procedures, Emergency Procedures, How the Radio Works as well as example flights.

The books that my Flying school recommended purchasing before flying was Volume 1 and Volume 2, I managed to get all of mine quite cheaply online so managed to get all of them in one go. Since receiving my books, I have dedicated a couple of hours a week towards learning the content in these books. I have mainly been focussing my attention to Air Law and Operational Performance, as Air Law is required before going solo. Ive been going through the books chapter by chapter, initially reading through the chapter to get familiar with the content, then going back through and taking detailed notes. At the end of each chapter there are revision questions for the chapter just covered. What has worked for me is to read and note one chapter, move on to the next chapter and read that one, then going back and doing the practice questions for the previous chapter, then doing the notes for the new chapter – I don’t know if that makes sense

Read Chapter A, Note Chapter A, Read Chapter B, Questions Chapter A, Note Chapter B, Read Chapter C, Questions Chapter B, Note Chapter C, Etc.

This has worked for me, I have also been using an App from the Apple App Store, which has a question bank for all of the PPL Exams, its called “EASA PPL Exams”, its a small price to pay for it, however has been fantastic to help with revision after studying.

Booking My First Flying Lesson!

As for the flying lessons, Sussex Flying Club have got a fantastic offer for new PPL Students where by they can purchase 3x 1 hour flying lessons in either the Cessna 152 or the Piper PA28, the cost difference between the Cessna and the Piper being around £90. The benefits of this package is that they include the instruction, the landing fees and aircraft hire, when you purchase this, they also send through a PPL logbook as a freebie. More on this further down the page – So I quickly ordered this from their online website and waited for the vouchers to arrive in the post so that I could book it up as soon as possible. It was ordered on a Saturday, and it came through on the Tuesday! I could now book my first lesson! I have booked it for Saturday 11th November 2017, where, after, I will do a post about my first proper lesson.

What does the package include?

The package arrived in a plain white bubble mail envelope, and within it a nice royal blue logbook. The logbook is produced by Pooleys’ and on the front of it, embossed in gold foil is the Sussex Flying Club logo. The logbook is made up of 62 pages, of these 62 pages 52 of them are for the logging of flights, the rest are for licence information, qualification information and aircraft and aerodrome logs. This book, as it is a record of flying is the only way you can prove your hours and keep your licence legal! The quality of this book is really good, the paper used feels of a high grade and the cover is fabric like, the size is also very convenient, its slightly smaller than A5, but will slip in the flight bag very easily!

Also within the package was the three 1 hour lesson vouchers, all marked with the different voucher numbers, there was also a trial flight guide within the pack, this explains all of the items that will be covered on the flying lesson, what to expect and the basics of flight – a nice touch as it covers some questions about the day. Having had a trial lesson before with a different company, I already knew a lot of this, and felt this guide would benefit someone who has never had a trial lesson before, or with very little flying experience – but still a good guide.


So with my flying lesson booked, my GoPro ready to go, my audio recorder set up and working, logbook, sunglasses and vouchers – I’m ready to go! I’ll be posting shortly after it with details of the flight!



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