My Training Location

The flight school that I have chosen to train at is Sussex Flying Club down in Shoreham. It is the longest established Flight Training Organisation, established in 1992, and has trained more pilots than any other organisation in Shoreham. I chose this school due to the fact it has the best reviews for pilot training, its been there the longest and the atmosphere at the school seemed brilliant.

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For details on how I chose Sussex Flying Club you can look on the Choosing My Flight School page.


Sussex Flying Clubs’ Fleet consists of:

3x Cessna 152’s


2x Piper PA28 Warriors


1x Piper PA28 Arrow



The Cessna is a brilliant training aircraft, easy to fly and very reliable, not to mention the reasonable hourly costs.

The Warriors are great for touring as they have a higher capacity, better range and speed, as well as being certified for IFR flight.

The Arrow is ideal for longer flights due to the higher speed and range. This is due to it being a ‘complex’ aircraft with a variable pitch prop and retractable undercarriage.


Courses Available

Private Pilot’s Licence

Ground Examinations

Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) Rating

Night Rating

Commercial Pilot’s Licence.